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Brigitte Head Scarf | Tilly & The Buttons
To celebrate her book launch, Tilly & The Buttons is sharing one of the projects from her book on her blog - the very 60’s Brigitte head scarf! This is a very simple sewing project which is embellished along the edge with one of the decorative stitches in your machine. And if you’re wondering how to style your new scarf, Tilly has created a Pinterest board with lots of inspiration!

Beaded Sunglasses | Free People Blog
Sunglasses are one of the easiest things to customise, and for something you wear everyday, you want them to be perfectly suited to you! Using pretty beads and a bit of super glue, you can turn your shades into a one of a kind piece. Work out the pattern you want on a piece of paper or on your computer before you start or check Pinterest for designs to get inspired!



Natural Bug Bite Balm | Henry Happened
I know it’s Summer up there in the North and with Summer comes the bugs. The small, noisy, biting bugs that drive you mad when you’re trying to share their great outdoors! I don’t really like bug spray, but I do think you need something to protect yourself. This natural bug balm is great because the whole family can use it and it’s not going to offend sensitive noses. All of the ingredients should be able to be purchased on eBay or soap suppliers online.

Gold Mouse Pad | Homey Oh My
Mouse pads are one of those things that a lot of people use every day but rarely think about - I mean… it’s a mouse pad. But a beautiful mouse pad can really brighten up your desk (and your day!). And this design is so easy to achieve with only a couple of items.

3 Ice Cream Float Recipes | A Subtle Revelry
Where I come from, ice cream floats are called Spiders. I don’t know why. But as a child, Spiders were the height of fun - especially when you got to make one at Pizza Hut! I haven’t had a Spider in years, but these three recipes have got me craving them! I particularly love the idea of strawberry ice cream with lemonade. Perfect for those hot Summer days!

Coffee Mud Mask | Savy Naturalista
I love the smell of coffee. It brings memories of early morning flights at the airport and long chats in little cafes. But… I don’t like drinking it. It makes me shaky, gives me headaches and makes me feel generally sick. So I was excited about a coffee mask - all the smell and benefits of the coffee grounds (exfolation for one!) without the sickening feeling! And the benefits of mud masks are many too, such as skin tightening and reduction of inflamation. Plus making it in small batches means you’ll always have a fresh batch and you won’t waste any product.

Pineapples Pouch | Anna Evers
Pineapples are everywhere - skirts, shirts, shoes, pillows, wall art, fruit bowls. The spiky fruit is fun, tangy and makes me think of hot Summer days. If you’re into tart treat as much as me, this sparkly pouch will be right up your alley. Perfect for keeping makeup in check, a pretty pencil case or even to store your ipad in!